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Dangerous Goods and Hazmat

The transportation of dangerous and hazardous material by air is simplified with our indepth knowledge and extensive experience.

The movement of hazardous goods by air has to comply with an ever increasing number of restrictions and scrutiny. The charter of a dedicated, licensed and approved aircraft enables "forbidden" cargo to be moved by air charter.

In the case of class one cargo, all necessary exemption applications will be filed with all overflying and landing nations' aviation authorities on your behalf. Through our extensive network of contacts and knowledge, we can successfully negotiate and obtain any diplomatic embassy or civil aviation authority clearances that may be required en-route for your cargo movement.

Weston Aviation's specialist air transportation division, Weston Air International Limited holds full authority from the UK Home Office and The Secretarty of State for the air transportation of firearms under Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968 (As Amended). This is a mandatory requirement for any company or organisation involved in the planning or movement of Section 5 cargo.

Fully managed from start to finish

All of our dangerous goods air charters are fully project managed by us from start to finish. Feasibility studies and indepth route planning ensure that the flight operation is operated as securely and safely as possible with no delays en-route.

Where possible, we can pre-position fresh slip crews at strategic refuelling points to avoid lengthy ground time during crew rest periods.


Our own handling personnel - no third party reliance

Weston Aviation as a company is unique in that it can in addition to arranging the aircaft charter we can also provide our own cargo handling facilities at Humberside International Airport and Durham Tees Valley Airport. This enables us to offer our customers a fully in-house solution without relying on third party agencies.

Our two airports offer one of the two highest CAA approved NEQ levels in the UK. Subject to hazard division these limits for class 1.1 are: 

Humberside International Airport     45,500 kgs NEQ.

Durham Tees Valley Airport               11,000 kgs NEQ.

Our recent approval by the CAA Dangerous Goods Office of 45,500 kgs NEQ of class 1.1, gives Humberside Airport one of the highest NEQ limits in Europe, so is an ideal departure or arrival point for any class one or military movements worldwide.

Download our cargo aircraft specification sheet
Download our cargo aircraft specification sheet

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Cargo Aircraft Charter Fast Quote

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